Arborist Consultation Services

Are you not sure what is going on with your trees or ever wonder what the dollar value of your trees are? At Just Trees in Edmonton, Alberta we can answer a lot of your questions. We have an extensive back ground in hazard mitigation for trees, pest and disease management.

We offer tree assessments to develop a plan of action to reduce the risk of partial tree failures that are sometimes associated with owning mature trees and then to maintain your trees health. Once these  two objectives are accomplished, the aesthetics of your trees come naturally. We always provide free estimates, but with our tree assessment service you receive extensive documentation that will provide you with a written history of the trees surroundings and its condition. Ground, roots, trunk, canopy and leafs if present will all be evaluated. With the findings we can begin formulating a long-term plan that will increase health and increase safety. Tree work will be prioritized according to these findings and will be accomplished over time, depending on the findings. These guidelines can also help you determine what tree services you would like to pursue, even in the case that you would rather use a competitor. Take a few minutes and fill out a Do-It-Yourself Tree Inspection Form. This will give you an idea of things we look for. The list of items are not exhaustive and are only intended for an awareness tool.


Once we have all the information gathered from your tree assessment, it’s a simple process of entering all the data and calculating the asset value of your tree. We add this service free of charge with all of our tree assessments. A tree valuation is a useful tool in determining the value of your tree before it is accidentally damaged or destroyed. It can be used for pre-construction purposes in case the tree starts to decline. A tree valuation is most useful before in undesirable incident happens, as it sets the dollar value before any trauma occurs to your tree. If an incident was to occur it can be used to determine depreciation more accurately. Post incident Tree Valuations are also possible.

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