Pest and Disease Management

At times your trees may become infested with pests that may cause stress to your trees. Gatherings on the deck in the shade of your trees may be interrupted with honey dew dripping, or webbing cascading down. Maybe your tree may be showing signs of “Hey, something is wrong here…I need some attention!”

Yellow Headed Spruce Sawfly
Yellow Headed Spruce Saw Fly

At Just Trees we have an extensive background in pest and disease management. We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach when dealing with tree pests and diseases. This approach does not eradicate all pests, but rather reduces their numbers to an acceptable level and to minimize the spread of diseases. We use a variety methods to achieve this and use tree spraying as a last resort. We want to avoid non target species  contact with pesticides, and to minimize the environmental impact that the use of pesticides can cause.

Avoid non target contact when spraying
Avoid non target species


The less resources your trees have to put into fending off damaging pests and diseases, the more it can allocate its resources on growing strong, giving your trees a better chance at resisting pest invasions and diseases.

Get in touch with us. We can come up with plans to reduce pest populations, or remove diseased portions to reduce stress and prolong the life expectancy of your tree.  780-690-9801