Tree Removal Services

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It won’t be long before it’s that time of year again when people are thinking about renovating their landscapes. Get in front of the line before the Spring rush and request a free estimate. Often landscape renovations involves the removal of mature trees. In most cases the trees are dying, heavily diseased or pose a hazard to its occupants or neighbours. In our efforts to reduce the impact on our local environment, we try to find ways to use and reuse material from our tree removal and tree pruning services.

What Happens To All That Wood?

At Just Trees Canada Inc. we dispose of our wood chips from branches and stems to a large composting facility which is mixed with other organic matter. This mixture is used to make soil mix, topsoil and mulch for your gardens and landscapes. Our wood chippers can only handle up to 10″ diameter wood. After that is where Relic Woodworks comes in. If some of the larger pieces are salvageable Relic Wood Works will come and take it away to be reused. Wood that is not suitable usually ends up as fire wood.

Relic Woodworks

Relic Woodworks is a wood salvaging company operating out of Legal, AB. When Eric Jenson of Relic Wood Works approached us at Just Trees Canada Inc. about salvaging some of the large wood from trees we were removing, we had to check them out. After seeing some of the beautiful furniture ( these pieces are truly works of art. ) and live edge wood he and his team have created we had to collaborate with their efforts. Check out the beautiful pieces on Facebook.
 Please note that not all wood can be salvaged due to the trees location. Our primary goal when removing trees in Edmonton and area is to bring the tree down safely, without causing property damage or injury. If your wood can by salvaged by Relic Woodworks or from one of our firewood haulers, we will offer you a discounted rate.

Contact us for a free estimate or if you have any questions.

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