Mature Tree Pruning

Pruning a mature tree in your landscape can be a challenge, it requires pruning at heights not easily accessible to most.  At Just Trees our ISA Certified Arborists are highly trained climbers and are knowledgeable about what to take and leave. Certain defects are not always visible from the ground. While cleaning out your dead wood and making selective pruning cuts, our Arborists are always on the look out for defects. Some of these defects may be critical and go beyond the scope of work. These defects will be made known to our clients and should be dealt with in a timely manner, others are minor and can usually be dealt with on the spot without diverting from the main objective of the work outlined.

Just Trees Edmonton Pruning

When pruning a large  or mature tree, our main focus is on keeping your trees healthy, to minimize the risk of failure and reduce conflict with structures and people. Depending on the scope of work, removal of broken branches, deadwood and selective thinning of the canopy are common practices. At times though you may only require some clearance cuts or removal of broken branches.

Get in touch with us if you are considering having your trees pruned by a professional Arborist.